We stand out as breeders, providing 24/7 support, home schooling, and delivering puppies 80% potty trained and crate trained. Our commitment extends to hands-on socialization for a smooth transition to their new homes.

Meet My Babies

These delightful pups, raised in our household, bask in abundant socialization and perhaps a touch of indulgence from the multitude of caring hands around.

The Charms
Of Cavachons

Cavachons, a delightful blend of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise breeds, enchant pet lovers with their irresistible charms. These charming canines are characterized by their affectionate nature, making them exceptional companions for families and individuals alike. Known for their friendly disposition and gentle temperament, Cavachons effortlessly create a warm and loving atmosphere in any home.

Meet Our Crew

We’re a Wyoming family of 8, introduced to Cavachons 12 years ago. Falling in love with them, we decided to raise and adopt these sweet babies for others to enjoy. Our well-socialized, slightly spoiled pups receive care and attention, nurtured with love. Our kids, aged 3-21, actively contribute to their development. Living in a remote area with a small ranch, we’ve dedicated ourselves to a breeding program ensuring excellent quality. As ethical breeders, we promise healthy, socialized, and trained puppies. Our dogs are family, and we take pride in their care. Trust us as your chosen breeder, and let us share our Cavachon love with you