About Our Cavachons

Cavachon Puppies are one of the most highly sought-after family pets. They are set apart by not only being hypoallergenic but also by exhibiting similar traits to the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel unlike other designer poodle breeds.

Our breeding program is dedicated to creating healthy family pets, with long happy lives ahead of them! To ensure this and provide peace of mind to our clients that we are breeding only the highest quality puppies, we perform all AKC recommended health testing as well as Genetic testing and Annual overall health checks at our vet for all our pets in our breeding program to provide pups that will live long, healthy lives without health issues due to irresponsible breeding. We offer a health guarantee on all of our puppies, along with a lifetime of breeder support for you and your pet. Our idea of “breeder support” is to provide information, help and guidance to you when you have a particularly stubborn puppy in the potty training phase; Or you feel they have developed bad habits. Anything you feel you could use advice or help with, we are here and happy to help provide and offer guidance to you and your puppy every step of the way throughout your pets life! As your breeder, we only want happy lives for you and your new pet!

A Cavachon is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise

Besides awesome cuteness with perfect demeanor for any family, common health issues which are pure bred related are minimized by mixing the Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Character is loyal, happy and highly people oriented and adapts to families with or without kids. Cavachons offer emotional support as well as have the intellect for service dog training on many levels.

They tend to weigh 9-28 lbs and measure 12-18 inches. Activity level is perfect for apartment dwellers needing little exercise or a short daily walk and some playtime. They respond best to positive reinforcement and consistency.

Their hair quality is amazing! They have super soft hair that can be either soft curls or wavy with very little to non shedding but still hypoallergenic. They should be brushed a couple times a week. You can bathe them weekly and plan on a trip to the groomer every 4-6 weeks.

A Cavachon’s Temperament

Cavachons are intelligent, playful and overall merry. They get along well with various pets (dogs, cats, cows, and horses) but also very well with children. Especially important to continue their socializing so they will grow into well mannered, educated, and obedient dogs. Their energy level requires them to be taken out for several walks a week. It’s especially important to start socializing early on so that they may grow into well educated and obedient dogs. One of the best traits of a Cavachon is its lack of aggression. Although they might be a little possessive and could bark at strangers, but they almost never try to attack people or other dogs. I wouldn’t count on a Cavachon to be a guard dog.