New Puppy Health Guarantee

New Puppy Health Guarantee

All puppies are placed in their new homes without any known contagious, congenital or hereditary illnesses.

First step in guaranteeing your new puppy’s health is a trip to the veterinarian’s office within the first three days of your purchase, excluding weekends or holidays. (I’m happy to grant an extension upon request and breeder acknowledgement due to extenuating circumstances) Your puppy guarantee will then be effective and you will have peace of mind immediately that you have a healthy puppy prior to building an even stronger bond days to follow.  This health guarantee is for one year.

What’s covered:

  • If within the two years your puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening problem such as, kidney, liver or heart disease, you can return your puppy for a replacement puppy. I will need a statement from your veterinarian regarding your puppy’s life-threatening health issue. Your replacement puppy will be given to you as soon as possible. If you choose to keep your puppy, there will be no reimbursement for medical bills of any kind. 

What’s not covered: 

  • Non life threatening problems such as allergies to certain foods, skin rash, loose stools, etc.

Our goal is to provide you with a healthy puppy that will have a long life free of life threatening issues. This is why we have put so much time and work into selecting only the best sire/dams for our program.  And to follow up on that, we have ALL of the testing done on our dogs to prove that we only want healthy puppies for our clients!   All of our dogs are given vitamins/supplements and are properly maintained and observed so they do not become deficient in their needs to be healthy and deliver healthy puppies for you. On occasion a puppy may develop a non life threatening issue and this can be managed by you and or your veterinarian. I will not assume responsibility for vet bills and cost of such issues.

  • Worms and Parasites:​

Worms are common in puppies ​and We deworm our babies routinely as our goal is to send them home free of such irritants. Some may need additional treatment and your vet should check and treat if needed.

  • Umbilical Hernias: 

Every now and then a puppy ​may end up with an umbilical hernia. This is usually caused by the cord being chewed off too close to the body. No need to worry, It’s an easy fix and can be done when your puppy is spayed or neutered. 

  • Any non life-threatening issues