Shipping & Delivery

There are a couple ways you can get your Designer Mountain Mutt baby!  

You can come to our home or we can flight nanny your new baby in the cabin of the plane and hand deliver your new baby to your airport of choice.  We do NOT fly our new babies in the cargo holding of the plane.  This causes too much stress on such a new little one and IMO it’s cruel and there are much better options for delivery.  We have plenty of experience in transporting our puppies through air travel.  We can assure you your new baby will be very well taken care of for this trip. We had to adjust our prices a little to accommodate the rise in expenses of airlines to $700. We are also more than happy to meet you at our two closest airports at our convenience for traveling expenses paid by the client.  


We love when our clients come to pick up their puppy in person!  We are located right off Highway 89 and it’s pretty simple to get here.  

We would ask that you do not visit any other kennels or dog breeders before coming to our home.  We will also ask you to please leave your dog in your vehicle if you bring him/her when you visit.  This is to ensure you are not bringing any diseases or sickness to our place that could infect our pets.  


If you plan to travel with your puppy in the car, you should be prepared with a few things.

First, you will want to have a travel crate. When we travel with the puppies, they are always in a crate. You will want to put something absorbent in the crate for the trip. This can be shredded newspaper, potty pad, towel, or dog bed. Plan to have at least 1-2 fresh changes of bedding, depending on how long your trip is. You mostly want something that is easy to clean or replace if your puppy does have an accident in the crate.